University College Dublin Students' Union is the Students' Union of University College Dublin, and has 
been an active part of campaigns run by its national equivalent, the Union of Students in Ireland. It was
founded in 1975 as the successor of the Student Representative Council and began operations in 1975, 
under the presidency of Enda Connolly. Its primary role is to represent its members views and defend their 
interests. All students of UCD who are studying for a degree or postgraduate diploma of the National 
University of Ireland are, on registration at the university, members. 
In addition to its campaign work the Union also provides some services such as five shops; Welfare and 
Education services such as a second-hand bookshop and Niteline phoneline; and the provision of a full-time 
Accommodation and Employment Officer. UCDSU has offices in the Student Centre and Library Building in Belfield.
There will be 4 Sabbatical officers in the 2013/2014 academic year, A President, a Welfare and Equality 
officer, an Education officer and a Post Grad Education officer. They sit on the UCDSU Executive, with the 7 
College Convenors and the Irish Language Officer.