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Campaign Coordinators

Description of role

Are you passionate about social issues? Interested in being a student leader? Want to make change happen? Then you should run for a campaign coordinator position with the SU! 


The Campaigns Forum has 9 positions and is chaired by the Campaigns and Engagement Officer.

The 9 Campaign Coordinator positions are:

  • The Gender Equality Coordinator

  • The Environmental Coordinator

  • The Mature Students Coordinator

  • The LGBTQ+ Coordinator

  • The Disability Rights Coordinator

  • The International Students Coordinator

  • The Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

  • The Student Residences Coordinator

  • The Mental Health Coordinator

The Campaigns Forum meets at least once every three weeks during term, and each Campaigns Coordinator is expected to plan events & campaigns relevant to their role within the budget provided, and in line with the Union’s annual calendar.

They should:

  • Assist the Campaigns & Engagement Officer in campaigning and lobbying on issues relevant to their role.

  • Work with the Entertainments Officer & the Campaigns & Engagement Officer to organise events relating to their role.

  • Encourage equal involvement in all aspects of Union activity, in particular at Council and the Executive.

  • Maintain good working relationships with relevant societies, and counterparts in other students’ unions.

  • Work with the Sabbatical Team and the rest of the Campaigns Forum to uphold any policies or mandates voted on by Council.

  • Each member of the Campaigns Forum must present a report to Council twice per semester, outlining their work carried out to date.


Level of involvement

4+ hours per week

Training and Support

Union Training will run on the 7th and 8th October.

This training will include modules on:

  • Introduction to Union Council (including submitting a policy/mandate/submission of reports)

  • Lecture addressing

  • How to plan social activities for your class

  • Brainstorming workshop on campaigns & priorities for the year


Campaigns Coordinators will also receive Union Forum Training, which will further explore the Union’s annual calendar and provide guidance and logistics for planning campaigns & events.

Rewards / Benefits

  • Work carried out as a Campaign Coordinator can be used in your application for the UCD Advantage Award.

  • Opportunity to work on campaigns and events relating to issues that you are passionate about.

  • The role offers you a great opportunity to make new friends.

  • Campaigns Coordinators will lead teams of “Campaign Crews” during the year, and these leadership skills will look great on your C.V.

  • Recognition and appreciation of all work carried out during the year is celebrated at the Union Awards Night in April.

How to Apply

Campaign Coordinators are elected to their position at Union Council.


For more information regarding which positions are still available and how to apply for a position to Council, please contact your Campaigns & Engagement Officer at

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