9 Campaign Coordinators are elected each year by the students of UCD.


Along with the Campaigns & Engagement Officer, they make up the Campaigns Forum and are responsible for overseeing Union campaigns.

Are you passionate about getting more recycling bins on campus, LGBTQ+ rights or supports for

students with disabilities? Do you want to stop the price hikes in Res, stop UCD's funding of oil exploration or campaign for an end to direct provision? 

You’ve come to the right place! 

Get in touch with one of the Campaign Coordinators below! As always if you’ve any campaign related questions or ideas, you can get the Campaigns & Engagement Officer, Katie at




My name is Sydney, and I’m your International Student Coordinator! I’m a 19 year old final year student from San Francisco, California, studying Economics and Politics with International Relations.

I was a student ambassador for Education in Ireland, representing the United States in my 1st year of university, and will also be working as a Global Guide on campus this upcoming school year. I am passionate about being apart of the Student Union, as I know how essential it is for international students to be able to have assistance wherever needed. I want to help wherever possible, whether that be with answering questions regarding INIS appointments, ideas for the global lounge, or running events aimed at integration and celebrating diversity.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I am always up for a cup of tea and a chat, and am here to assist you in getting the best out of your degree and time here as an international student at UCD!





Hi, I'm Marlene and I'm 28 and from Dublin. I am a mature student and a second year in Law with Social Justice. I chose this degree as I am interested in development and making changes in our society and helping others to do so.

I am passionate about the environment and believe we can all do our bit, no matter how big or small. I am a big believer in equality and inclusion for all, and this year I hope to encourage and empower a greater participation for mature students across all aspects of college life at UCD.





Hey I’m Sarah, your Mental Health Coordinator for the upcoming year. I’m 21, just finished my undergraduate degree in Psychology and am starting my Masters in Psychological Science this year! I’ve always been passionate about promoting positive mental health and taking away the stigma from mental health as well as organising events!

I will be responsible for organising a variety of mental health related events and campaigns throughout this academic year. If you’re interested in getting involved in the Mental Health Crew, or have an idea for an event or campaign (always open to inspiration!), make sure to pop me an email at We’re always looking for people to help out with events and it’s a great way to get involved with the Union!





Hey folks, my name is Leighton Gray and I'm your LGBTQ+ campaign coordinator! I have just finished a degree in sociology and English literature and am now undertaking a masters degree in gender studies.

I began to get involved in the union when I was elected auditor for UCD for Choice in 2017. Working with amazing people from all types of backgrounds for over a year through campaigns and events I helped to organise, eventually repealing the eighth amendment, was a defining experience. I am excited to work with you all again this year!

I have plenty of ideas, but am eager to hear yours. Please hit me up at any time with any suggestions; I look forward to hearing them. Ideas from everyone are more than welcome, no matter how you identify. Shoot me an email or follow lgbtucdsu on twitter or Instagram and send a message!
Pronouns are she/they/he





Hi I'm Niamh, I'm a stage one science student and I'm your environmental campaigns coordinator. I'm here to help societies and students run environmental campaigns and become more eco friendly. If you're looking to run a campaign on campus or want to get involved email me at Find us @ecoucd to see what we're up to.





Heylo! My name is Vanshika and I study Physics with Astronomy and Space Science (and yes, I want to work for NASA). I am your Student residences coordinator- I represent the interest of students that live on campus. I’m passionate about working with students, for students to foster a sense of community amongst the residents. My aim is to help students that live away from their family, feel settled and secure. 

I understand that there is a significant amount of workload in college and being in a new surrounding can often be stressful. Feel free to email me regarding issues that concern you. You can also email me proposals for events!  


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