Whenever you have a problem or question in your first few weeks in UCD, UCDSU always has you covered. From issues with your education to concerns about your welfare, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, we have democratically elected and trained officers to support and represent you! If you ever have a question or an issue that needs solving, come into the SU corridor located in the Old Student Centre and we’ll sort you out with an appointment.


SU Shops & Deli

Students favourite! You’ll find our Students’ Union shop in the Library, Eng, and the Sports building. They’re run by students with a focus on providing the best value and service for students so you’ll see a few familiar faces in the staff t-shirts. 

Check out our dedicated Shops page HERE for all the latest deals


The Clubhouse Bar

Great if you need to get in a solid plate of soakage before a night out. You can get a head start on the others by ordering a cheeky pint with it. It's not all cheap but there's a few good options like chips for €2.50 and the portion sizes tend to be massive. *They only accept cash so make sure to go to the ATM at the back of the Old Student Centre first. 


Great place for the chicken fillet roll. Burrito bowl is a bit steep though. Good location for Sutherland and Quinn but a trek for everyone else. Also generally more expensive than SU shops as their focus is profit whereas ours is value. Honestly!

Main Restaurant

You’ll find this place between Quinn and the Arts block. The food is not great, the prices are not great and the atmosphere is non-existent. It’s only a middlin’ place to get dinner if you’re around until late and they have a Chopped in the back, which is outrageously expensive but oh so fresh and tasty. Negative marks for the fact that you’re charged for extra milk and ketchup.


Poolside Café is located - you guessed it - besides the swimming

pool.  They focus on doing the simple things right, which means you can get some of the best hangover food here. Why not sweat the badness out in the sauna, then hit up Poolside for a ham and cheese toastie, or a beautifully greasy sausage roll? They also sell protein bars and protein shakes, for the gym bunnies among us.

Pi Restaurant

The local for Science students as it’s on the ground floor of their building. It has a tasty and varied menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really good hash browns at breakfast and they'll usually have a veggie option. Prices are not bad either. Nico's coffee is quite exceptional also!!


One of the healthiest places for lunch is, of course, in Health Science. Also one of the most expensive. Make your own salad or roll from fresh, varied ingredients but don’t buy a bottle of water or a snack unless Mum and Dad are paying the rent. They give out their coffee grinds as fertilizer though and the staff are lovely!


One of the classier establishments the Belfield campus boasts, Chopped is the place to go if you have a lot of time, a fair bit of money, and a weird craving for leaves. The food is consistently tasty, but the queues are consistently long. You do get a lot of food packed into the awkwardly shaped plastic containers. This is probably for the best - it makes it easier to eat your feelings when you realise that you just don't make friends with salad.


The classic. About €4 for a 6-inch and €6 for a footlong. Ye know the craic, tasty on most occasions but don’t make it a regular occurrence if you’re on the health buzz. Staff are generally friendly but the meatball marinara is friendlier.

Bringing your own meals to campus and need a microwave? Check out the locations below.

  • Outside the SU Library

  • 2nd floor of Richview along with a full kitchen

  • The Old Student Centre

  • Ag Common Room

  • Eng Common Room

  • Vet Soc have one in Vet

Feeling parched and in need of hydration? Check out the list of water fountains you'll find dotted around campus.

  • 1 in the SU Reception in the Old Student Centre

  • 1 in Richview on the ground floor across from the main entrance

  • 3 in Science; Pi Restaurant, the Science Hub and Science South

  • 1 in Health Science on the first floof close to the PC Lab

  • 2 in CompSci on the ground floor and first floor

  • 1 in Vet just before the entrance to the library

  • 1 in Arts on the ground floor opposite an Cuas, 1 upstairs in D

  • 1 in Tierney on the ground floor at the Student Desk

  • 6 in Eng on first, second and third floors

  • At least one on every floor in Sutherland


UCD Library Writing and Maths Support Centre

Two things UCD students may find difficult when they move into 3rd level education are maths and essay writing.

Most students find themselves having to do some form of maths or statistics, even in courses where it might not be expected such as Politics or Psychology.


UCD’s Library has a dedicated Maths Support Centre which can provide a group for a huge number of modules. Similarly, getting used to academic essay writing can be difficult for new students.


UCD Library also has a Writing Centre which provides tuition on all aspects of writing, whether creative, research-based or as part of a formal presentation.

For information on both the Maths Support Centre and the Writing Centre respectively you can look here:

Careers Centre

Did you know that UCD has a dedicated centre for career development and that you can use this service for up to two years after you officially leave UCD?

Just use your UCD Student Number and password to access their Careers Connect service if you’re a current student or give the centre a call on 01 716 7574 if you’re a graduate.

This will give you access to one on one consulting where you can get help on your C.V, interview technique and anything else career related.

For more info on the Career Development Centre have a look HERE

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning

UCD Acess & Lifelong Learning is located on the first floor of the James Joyce Library Building. The Access Centre supports students entering University through DARE and HEAR schemes, Mature Students, and students with disabilities. 

This team of people are your first port of call if you have any issues regarding exam supports while in UCD or would like more information on getting help for an accessibility issue on campus. 

The Access Centre is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm and can be contacted at 017167123 or by email at

You can learn more about the team HERE

Conversion Courses/Going Back to School

One of the most daunting things students face as they come close to graduation is doubt around what they want to do later on in life or if their course is really relevant to their career goals.

Rather than feel stuck, there are a number of opportunities available to students from every course to be able to re-skill and enter nearly any area of work.

From Computer Science, Law and Business conversion courses to Professional Masters in Education there are plenty of ways you can make your degree work for you and to branch out into areas you might not have thought of before.


When looking for advice on where to go after your undergrad degree you can chat with your programme office, a list of which can be found HERE

It never hurts to have a chat with your Student Adviser, whose contact details can be found HERE

The Library

Much like the Career Development Centre, your use of the UCD Libraries doesn’t stop when you graduate.


For just 30 Euro a year you can get access to all of UCD’s Libraries. With a huge amount of books and journals, as well as being an excellent study space, getting year-round access for less than the price of four drinks in Dublin is a bargain.


Whether you’re studying for your FE1’s or just like the peace and quiet it’s well worth a look. More info can be found HERE

Seanad Registration

Now that you’re about to have a degree from the largest university in Ireland, you also get the right to vote for your representation in Irelands Upper House, Seanad Éireann.


UCD Graduates have 3 senators representing them, able to vote alongside graduates of the other N.U.I programmes. In order to be able to vote you will have to fill in a registration form which can be found HERE

The form should be returned to the National University of Ireland offices using the address provided.


If you ever have any questions about how or why to register then send an email to our UCDSU Graduate Officer at

Lecturer References

After you’ve spent three or four years in UCD, you probably have a few favourite lecturers and modules or an area of your degree where everything just clicked.


As you enter your final few months in UCD it can be a good time to start thinking about asking those lecturers for academic references. Much like professional references you might already have on your C.V, having a lecturer who can stand over your work after you leave UCD can be a great help when getting into graduate employment programmes and postgraduate degrees.


The two biggest rules when asking for an academic reference is to be polite and to be patient. Your lecturers are under no obligation to give you a reference and will always appreciate someone who asks in person, provides all the information as to why they would like a reference and, most importantly, thanks them when they do eventually get a reference!


We can give you all the money saving tips in the world but if you want a decent social life then a job will go a very long way. Here are some tips on where to look. 

  • We regularly hire students to work in the SU shops, so keep an eye on our dedicated shops page HERE

  • Join the UCDSU Job Listings group on Facebook. This is regularly updated with opportunities from external companies

  • Many of the food outlets on campus hire students, so it's worth keeping an eye out on their socials or just asking. The Clubhouse is a good shout if you have bar experience

  • UCD Alumni employ people in spring to call up past graduates for donations. Easy to get, but a thankless job by all accounts

  • You can become a student ambassador which involves showing prospective students around campus. Recruitment is usually in March

  • It's worthwhile going into shops and restaurants in your local area and handing out CV's. It's a tough time but can be effective especially around Christmas time!

If you’re having trouble getting a job, you should try and build your CV by volunteering with the SU.


Represent your course as a class rep, College Officer or run for a full-time position like President or C&C if campaigns and communications are your things!


These positions are certain to make you stand out to the person next to you when looking for a job!


Campus media like the University Observer, College Tribune, Belfield FM and UCD TV are another great way of getting your foot on the ladder. 



Campus Watch Booklet 2019/2020

Campus Watch is similar to a residential Neighbourhood Watch scheme in that it is a crime prevention and community safety programme.


It operates as a partnership between An Garda Síochána and the Campus occupants.


It works on the basis that every member of Campus can help to improve the quality of life on site by keeping a look out for students, staff and visitors, and reporting suspicious activities to the Gardaí.

Find below 👇 the booklet in the following languages (available on the Garda Website (;