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Avoiding Scams

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Avoiding Scams

It happens too often, especially to international students:

The ‘landlord’ asks for payment before meeting the prospective tenant.
Once it’s been paid, they cut off all correspondence.

You could lose hundreds (sometimes thousands) if you’re not careful!

Here are some signs that something’s up


1. Too good to be true:

The place sounds like something out of MTV Cribs and is in the city centre, but somehow costs way less than everywhere else in the area.


2. Landlord unavailable for a viewing:

They claim to be out of the country on business. But don’t worry, they’d be *happy* to accept you and your deposit without a viewing! :) :) :)

They say they've had bad experiences with viewings and past tenants being flaky.


NEVER hand over money without a viewing AND a signed lease.


3. Unusual payment method:

The landlord asks for your deposit as cash only, or through a weird channel like AirBnB.


Always pay through something traceable, like a bank transfer.


4. Improper language:

Dodgy situation = dodgy way of talking. Many scam emails may contain broken English, frequent typos, or strange terminology.