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Finding a Place

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Where do I search for accommodation?

You have 3 basic options:

1. Campus Accommodation (you let a room with UCD Res)

• Registration is closed for Semester 1 2017, but you can look here for S2 options


2. Private Housing (you and your friends rent a house/flat)

• We worked with Daft on a student accommodation specific search, which searches places near UCD.

• You can also find UCD-exclusive listings in the UCDSU Accommodation Facebook group


3. Digs (a room in a family home)

• Email for our exclusive Digs database

• Or you can access the UCD AccommodationPad


Where do I find roommates?

If you team up you have much better chances (and a new college fam)


1. Reach out to people you meet in your course, clubs, societies


2. Find roommates online via Facebook groups for your course, accommodation support, etc.


3. Limit your team to 2-4 people. Otherwise you’ll have trouble finding a place that’s big enough, and keeping track of everyone.


What areas should I look in?

Will you make it to class when it’s raining? When it’s raining AND you’re in bits from the night before? All aboard the struggle bus!

Walk to class:

Clonskeagh, Donnybrook, Roebuck Road, Mount Merrion, Booterstown



Milltown, Dundrum, Churchtown, Rathmines, Ranelagh, Stillorgan, Goatstown, Booterstown, Blackrock, Sandymount


Public transport:

Check our commuter guide, and pick a place close to a bus/luas/dart line that services UCD

Trying to figure out if you should cycle to college? See this chart :)