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Before You Commit

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Taking the Plunge

You've found a place, the area looks good, the roommates seem sound.

What should you you before you hand over a deposit?

1. Set up a viewing

Not only does this avoid scams, but you’ll also want to meet your flatmates. What if they leave mouldy food out, or don't let you have guests??

Check for these Minimum standards

• Sound structural condition (walls & doors, roof tiling etc.)
Sanitary facilities serviced by hot and cold water
Heating facilities
• Adequate natural lighting
• Proper ventilation (check for damp/mould)
• Access to laundry, refuse disposal, electricity and gas facilities
• Food prep and storage facilities (fridge and freezer)
Fire safety installations (smoke alarms and fire blanket)
Security measures
• Appliance + socket function


THIS IS NOT FINE - speak up if something's off!

2. Follow Up

Say you’re interested, make sure fixes happen, and offer references.


3. Sign a lease and get a deposit receipt

It should protect your rights...
Minimum standards
• Privacy
• Landlord covers repairs
• Rent receipts on request


...and outline your responsibilities
• Pay rent on time
• Report damage
• Leave the place how you found it

More Help

If you are having any issues, ask our Accommodation Officer ( or your Student Adviser

Some helpful links:

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