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Beware: people wear the face off each other in An Cuas
Beware: people wear the face off each other in An Cuas

Arts and Humanities

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Arts & Humanities

Arts, as most of us know, is easily the most slagged about course in Dublin but don’t let that dishearten you. Arts students have the most fun on campus by a mile. Most other students have more than 15 hours of lectures and classes a week. The Engineering students who do that much over two days. But you’ve the free time to do shit you probably do again after college like run major soc events, win sports titles or organize a major government protest.


Fun Fact: Arts Day is one of the big events and the Arts Ball is one of the best nights out. Both are run by Arts Soc so join them!


The Newman building stinks (locate the source and we’ll neutralize it) but luckily for most of you your lectures will be spread all over campus. Depending on the course you could have a class in Health Science or even Law. Nonetheless the Newman Building is our home and it will grow on you, literally.

It is the best building for printing materials as there are at least 10 printers beside Theatre L, both colour and black & white. It also has the best locker room on campus with sofas and tables, it’s a little hub of activity for most of the day but also a great place for a quick nap. Please don’t engage in the PDAs in An Cuas though. Place is already like a hangout for softporno extras.


The library: Better than Tinder