We're currently hiring shops staff and in our main office

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On Campus Jobs

Aka the holy grail of student employment

Serve up noms

SU shops recruit students at the start of each semester.

You can also work at some of UCD’s eateries

Or you can bar tend for the Clubhouse Bar

Corporate overlords

We hire the odd part-timer in our SU offices, so definitely keep an eye on our vacancies.


You'll also find flexible hours working for UCD Alumni's call centers.


Or you can also become a brand ambassador, doing promo work at UCD for private companies.

Our Job Listings Facebook page always has a few going!

Off Campus Jobs

Longer commute, but more options


If you want to look elsewhere, check our Job Listings group on Facebook.


You’ll find photos of help wanted signs around town, screenshots of recruitment ads

and emails from employers around UCD looking for part-time and full-time staff.