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Sales closed until 5th September
Sales closed until 5th September

Student Leapcard

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UCD Students' Union

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Student Leap Card

It normally costs €2.70 to get from town to UCD. With a Student Leap Card, you’ll pay €2.05.

That’s an extra €3.00 beer in the Clubhouse per week!

SLC Roadshow 2017

Get your 2017-18 card 5th-22nd September

They’re available anytime 9am - 5pm

It'll be happening in the Student Centre Atrium

Normal Hours

Leap cards are closed for August

After the roadshow, you can always get your card at our office in the Student Centre:

Mondays 10-3

Wednesdays 10-3

Fridays 10-3

What To Bring

All you’ll need is:

10€ cash: there's an ATM in the building

Your student ID: you can be a student anywhere

Yourself: your mate can’t get it for you, even if they’re better-looking ;)