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Getting to UCD can be so much fun!
Getting to UCD can be so much fun!

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Getting to UCD

UCD Commuting Guide 2015


19% of students here drive to college. If any of ye are looking to cut costs, be sound to the environment and get to know more people at college, then you can carpool with other students at this address:

UCD operates a permit car parking system on campus which costs €50 per academic year for students. The permit uses your car’s licence plate number and is completely electronic - you won’t get a physical copy.

Everyone who registers for a permit still has to find parking on a first-come first-served basis in the designated permit parking lots.

Hourly paid parking is also available on campus from 8.00 - 17.00hrs, Monday - Friday

See the full guide to parking above
Interactive visitor parking map


UCD is the biggest journey generator in the Greater Dublin Area so it’s great to see 20% of students take the bike option and make an eco-friendly choice by cycling to campus where they can!

You can lock your bike in 42 different designated areas mapped below.

We work with UCD estate services to make sure that these facilities are expanded whenever there’s room in the university budget.


Dublin Bus

Public transport is by far the most popular option for getting to college - 41% of UCD students use Dublin Bus to get to Belfield campus.

All UCD bus stops are mapped above