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How much are you drinking?

Don't increase your drinking tolerance 10 fold on a night out just for the sake of it. Plan your evening as you would any other night, set a pace that you can be sure you can look after yourself. Last thing you want is teo of your friends carrying you out at 7pm and ruining everyone's night! See here for information on alcohol units and a handy calculator to see how many units you go through.


Watch your drink!

'Roofies' and other similar date rape drugs are not the only danger when out drinking. Alcohol itself is often used as the substance of choice but potential perpetrators. See here for tips to avoid falling victims of any such incidents.


Where are you getting your facts?

Make sure you're getting your facts about alcohol from reliable and credible sources. As much as your mate who claims three slices of bread with peanutbutter and pesto is the ONLY legitimate way to avoid a hangover, they might not have fully done their homework!

Stick to the experts! is a great place to start for a realistic, non judgemental attitude to staying safe while drinking.



A useful bit of knowledge for life here! Basic tips on what to do should someone you're find themselves in trouble. Would you know what to do if:

  • If someone loses consciousness after drinking too much.

  • Their skin is cold, clammy, pale and bluish in colour.
  • They’re asleep and you can’t wake them up.
  • If they vomit while not consciousness.

If no to any of these see here for's guide to what to do!