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Welfare Crew

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Any number of uber peppy Glee-esque teamwork phrases could be thrown in here but essentially the Welfare Crew is the definition of strength in numbers!

What is the Welfare Crew?

The Welfare Crew helps the Welfare Officer in the numerous campaigns and events through out the year!


Why Join Up?

By joining the Welfare Crew you can help broadcast the various campiagns and events of the Welfare Officer, Campigns Co-ordinators and most importantly, your own! If you feel you have something that you want to shed light on this is the perfect platform!

The Perks:

  • Making a Difference in UCD on a variety of issues!

  • Warm gooey feeling that comes with the above point

  • Making new friends in big, scary UCD.

  • Meet people passionate about the same issues!

  • Being part of a unit which would rival any Wolfpack, Fellowship or Sleepover Club.

  • Get a feel for Welfare to if it is for you and even take the reigns next year in the Welfare Office!


Want to Join?

Simply throw your name and what you would like to campaign on in the boxes below: