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Registration Guide

Decent reg times at UCD go faster than EP tickets

Here’s when and how to get your classes

(and look good doing it)

1. Set up your profile

When: 3 days after CAO offer acceptance

How: In SISWeb, log in & enter registration, upload your ID photo

Pro Tip: Upload a decent photo- you’re stuck with that mug for three years on your UCARD...

2. Get ready for Orientation

When: Before 28 August

How: Print your orientation timetable, check pre-Orientation activities

Pro Tip:If you’re struggling with registration during Orientation look for the SU Help Hubs in your faculty building

3. Book your reg start time

When: 30th August, 8am - 1pm

How: Log into SISWeb, and pick the earliest slot possible

Pro Tip: set your alarm for 7:50. Earlier login= earlier registration date= more modules available... aka no 9 am lectures struggling to act sober

4. Actual registration

When: Your start time (UCD will email it to you after step 3)

How: In SISWeb, choose your modules: core (selected for you), option (from a list), then electives (from any course)

Pro Tip: Shit’s complicated, so don’t forget degree compliance. The sidebar says how many credits you need that year

Pro Tip 2: Be smart about electives - you can explore anything at UCD. Pick a fun one (intro to massage?) or a career booster

5. Pay your fees

When: BEFORE 10th September

How: Through SISWeb

Pro Tip: If you’re worried about paying on time, Robert is our resident expert


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