What do Class Reps do?
- Attend student council (every 2 weeks during term) 
- Organise events, protests, and parties  
- Represent your classmates  
- Raise money for charity 
- Set up a facebook or whatsapp group to keep in contact with your class  
- Organise hoodies for your class  

 Why get involved?
- Make friends 
- Be a part of student life 
- Fight for student rights 
- Volunteer at the big SU events run for students by students 
- Upgrade your CV 
- Free SU hoodie 

​How is the SU Structured and where to Class Reps fit in?
UCDSU is made up of over 30,000 student members. Every UCD student is a member of the SU, for free. The SU is run by six full time Sabbatical Officers and nine part-time College Officers each year. Together they are known as the Executive. Alongside them are the Class Reps, who are elected by their peers to represent different courses, schools, and stages across the UCD student journey. They represent the views of their classmates and help to steer Union policy. 

Who can be a Class Rep?
In short, if you’re a UCD student, you can run and you can vote - all students can! This is your Union and you have the right to have your voice heard, by running for election yourself, or by voting, or both! 
Having registered at UCD, you are now automatically a member of UCD Students’ Union. Every student studying an undergraduate or post graduate degree, diploma or PhD can run for Class Rep. You do need to have any prior experience to run for any SU role.  

What is SU Council?
Every September/October, each class elects their reps who sit on SU Council held every two weeks during term time. Council is where all the big decisions are made and is made up of made up of Class Reps, College Officers, Campaign Coordinators, Entertainments Reps and Sabbatical Officers. Any one of them can bring forward a motion which gets voted on and rejected, amended or passed and added to our policy book. This can include things like pushing for more recycling bins on campus, requiring the Welfare Officer to provide free pregnancy tests and campaigning on things like marriage equality, abortion rights and safe drug consumption. Council is your chance to shape the direction of the Union. You can find out more on how council works, our constitution and policy book on https://www.ucdsu.ie/union-council 


How to get Nominated for Class Rep
The next Class Rep Elections will take place in September 2021 for the 2021/2022 academic year. You will need to fill out a brief form which can be found HERE, and get it signed by five classmates and return it to the SU. 


​Can I be nominated for 2 Class Rep positions if I am studying a joint major?
No, as per the SU Constitution, you can only be nominated in one constituency.  

How to Campaign in Person:
Get chatting to your classmates. Let them know you are running for class rep and ask for their votes. Ask a lecturer or a tutor if you can make a quick speech at the start of a lecture or a tutorial. Introduce yourself and let the class know who you are and why you would like to represent them. Don't forget to explain to students when and how to vote. You might have won them over but if they do not get out you may miss out on their votes. 

How to Campaign Online:
Only members of your class or constituency can vote for you, so you need to find them. Add them to a class group on Facebook or WhatsApp and you're good to go! Tell them who you are and why they should vote for you. 
Don't know who your classmates are yet? Get in touch with your peer mentor, your college officer, or join our freshers' group on Facebook to find them! You can also ask a lecturer to allow you to speak at the beginning of a class to introduce yourself and to let your classmates know why they should vote for you. You can also direct them to a group where you have further information. 



What is a Class Rep according to the SU Constitution?


Article 8 – Class Representatives 

8.1 The duties of a Class Representative (also referred to herein as a ‘Class Rep’) are, inter alia:  
(i) To make themselves known to their constituents.  
(ii) To attend meetings of Union Council or, if unable to do so, forward apologies by email to the Union Secretary.  
(iii) To attend meetings of committees of which they are members and use those committees to represent the best interests of students in accordance with Union policy and the views of their constituents.  
(iv) To consult the President or relevant Officer before making any representation or publishing any publication.  
(v) To assist in the distribution of Union publications to their constituencies.  
(vi) To regularly inform their constituents of any initiatives or campaigns being undertaken by the Union 
(vii) To take an active role in the formation of Union policy in the interests of their constituents. 
(viii) To hold the Union Executive to account at meetings of Union Council.  
(ix) To organise social activities for their constituents and work to create a positive social environment for their class  

8.2 A Class Rep shall be deemed to have resigned if they fail to attend two consecutive meetings of Council, save when such absence is caused by justifiable circumstances which have been explained to and accepted by the Chairperson. Such a deemed resignation will take effect one week after it is notified in writing to the Returning Officers by the Chairperson and Secretary, unless it is reversed by the Chairperson as set out in this subsection within that one-week period.  


8.3 Having consulted with the President, the Returning Officers shall set the constituencies and allocation of seats for the election of Class Representatives for the following academic year no later than six weeks before the beginning of the first semester, in the following manner:  
(i) There shall be one seat in every constituency which has at least forty but less than one hundred and twenty members.  
(ii) A constituency shall be allocated a second seat where it has at least one hundred and twenty members and shall be allocated an additional seat for each full one hundred members it has in excess of one hundred and twenty.  
(iii) The membership of a constituency shall be assessed on the basis of the number of members in the year of review.  
(iv) The results of this review shall take effect at the Class Representative elections following the review. 


8.4 Members of the Union who are not members of a Class Representative constituency at the time of these elections by reason of their study of a new academic programme shall be allocated to a constituency by the Returning Officers for one academic year as an interim measure.