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College Officer Candidates 2023/24

Aisling Maloney

for Law

My name is Aisling Maloney (she/her). I'm a second-year Law with Politics student who served as the UCDSU First-Year Promotions Officer and Productions Officer, and on the UCD Academic Council and UCDSU Constitutional Review Group.

Aliyah Olawepo

for Health Science

Is mise Aliyah! I’m a stage 1 General Nursing student from Kildare and currently the Class Rep for my class.
I am always looking for a way to make a great impact and leave a smile ...

Aoibhinn Brentnall

for Oifigeach na Gaeilge

Ben Casey

for Law

Hi, I’m Ben a first year Law with Politics student and I’m running to be your next Law College Officer. I’ve already worked closely with the SU over the last year as a class representative and secretary for the La ...

Ben Connolly - Pronouns: He/Him/His

for Social Science

Hello Everyone! My Name is Ben Connolly. I’m a 19 year old Politics and Sociology Student from the big bad city of Dublin. I’m a man who’s done a million and one things but am looking to tick an ...

Ching Pang

for Social Science

It’s in my political blood to make changes,
I’m down to the ground and up for idea ranges
I value diversity and honesty,
I will also campaign for transparency.

Cillian Murphy

for Engineering and Architecture

Hi! I’m Cillian (he/him) and I’m running to be your next EngArch College Officer. I’m a 3rd year Mech. Eng student and have been a class rep for the last 3 years, actively representing students in the SU and ...

Erin Hoare

for Science

Hello! My name is Erin Hoare and I’m a second year BSc Sustainability student. I’m 20 years old and I’m from Kilkenny (yup the Cats!). I’m running for Science College Officer because I am extremely ...

Jack Coleman

for Engineering and Architecture

Hey Everyone- I am a second year Electrical and Electronic Engineer here at UCD. I haven't yet been involved in the Student's Union, so this will be my first time taking part in the election process...

John Walsh

for Social Science

Hi everyone, my name is John Walsh (He/Him) and I want to be your next Social Science College Officer. I’m a Stage 2 PPE student from Limerick City. I’ve been working the past year as the Stage 2 ...

Louise Campbell

for Arts and Humanities

I'm Louise, I am a first year Arts and Humanities student, I'm studying English and Drama Studies. In my free time, I'm a Drama facilitator and a musical enthusiast! I also spent 4 years previously training ...

Nick Haynes

for Science

Hi there! My name is Nick Haynes and I'm a first-year student in Computer Science running for the position of Science College Officer. I'm passionate about promoting inclusivity and advocating for ...

Tara Toye

for Agriculture, Food Science and Vet Science

Hey! My name is Tara Toye. I am a first year Agri-Environmental Student from Donegal and I am running to be your next Agriculture, Food Science & Veterinary Science College Officer.

Tia Cullen

for Health Science

My name is Tia Cullen, I’m a Stage 2 General Nursing student from Cork and I’m campaigning to be your next Health Science College Officer.

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