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Jack Finnegan

Executive Officer for the College of

Hi everyone, my name is Jack Finnegan, and I am the Executive Officer for the College of Business. I am a twenty-year old second-year commerce student from Dublin. 

I really enjoy the course and I hope that you and all the students joining us this year feel the same! My goals as your business officer are focused on you and your experience, the student. There is a precedent set of low engagement by business students with the student union and I hope to change that with my work this year. I will aim to provide as much information to you as possible about all university events through various campaigns. 

I want to create a cohesive team of class reps across the various business courses in order to improve campus life as much as possible. My most recent goals have been to organise sponsored class hoodies to prevent students having to dig into their own pockets and organise a large social event in order to nurture a culture of community among Quinn students.

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