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James Kennelly

Engineering and Architecture College Officer

Hi everyone, my name is James Kennelly, and I am the Engineering and Architecture College Officer. I originally ran for Engineering and Architecture College Officer after I heard the position was open, and since somebody needed to do it, I said I would step up and fill the space. 

I then won the election with a landslide victory with practically no campaigning as I was the only one running. I have no real manifesto yet but hope to satisfy the wishes of the engineering and architecture students. 

One thing I have become hopeful for after joining the student’s union is the individual’s ability to create change within the university. I feel like a lot of people think that their thoughts regarding the university are irrelevant, and do not realise how much a reasonably determined individual can change. 

My top UCD tip is to join a sports team! 

My favourite thing about UCD is The tepidarium! 

Something I'd like to see changed in UCD is getting Centra hot chicken rolls brought back to €3.50!

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