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Róisín Alff

Arts, Humanities & Social Science Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Róisín, and I am your Arts, Humanities & Social Science Officer. Last year, in my first year, I found out quite late what the SU was and what they did, and ran when I found out about the College Officer position. 

The reason I went for it was because I love helping people whenever I can, finding solutions to problems, and rising issues. I knew that with this position I could learn more, and therefore be able to help out students as much as I could the following year, and also shed more light on what the Student Union does, so that more people knew about them. Additionally, Covid-19 took away some of the Student life in the past few years, and I wanted to make sure that social gatherings were made to ensure students could meet other students.

My top tip, I would definitely say, is to ask questions, it's an obvious one, but it brings you places, and makes some aspects of University life less stressful and more fun.

I love my course but my favourite thing about UCD are the people I have met, and the beautiful friendships that have been created.

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