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Robin Jowett

Law College Officer

Hi everyone, my name is Robin, and I am your Law College Officer. I am a second-year Law (BCL) student from Wexford. I love reading (luckily) and listening to music! Over my first year in UCD, I was a Class Rep for first-year Law students. 

I helped students with lecture recordings as we came out of Covid, and also was on a team that got sponsored hoodies for first years. I also attended Union Council, where I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, and discussing issues important to students. Getting involved in the SU, and the wider UCD Community, is definitely one of the major things that made my time in UCD what it has been; pretty amazing! 

My job as Law College Officer is to engage with Law Students on problems important to them, by working with Class Reps and students in my constituency. I also provide information to Law Students on campaigns and other information provided by the SU (follow @robinforlaw on Instagram as that's where I spread a load of information). This year, I am working on campaigns specifically for my constituency around: Mental Health, Getting plug sockets into L023 in Sutherland, Getting microwaves into the Sutherland building, Working with the Law School to provide clarity on the Academic Advisory Programme, Helping with providing information on future careers with a law degree, with a focus on non-law careers and smaller law firms. 

I am looking forward to getting stuck in this year, and if there is anything I can help with, don't hesitate to reach out to me at! Working languages: English & Irish

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