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Sarah McGrath

Health Science College Officer

My name is Sarah McGrath, I'm 22 years old, and a stage 3 Radiography student.

I ran for health science college officer as from being on placement I know the financial struggles and pressures that health science students face and I want to bring light to that and ensure that we're working on solutions for students. Students need to feel supported whether they're on campus or on clinical placement. Due to the length of time that students spend on placement, I think it's important that students aren't disadvantaged by going on placement and can still access services and support provided by the college and the union. I'm working on getting a clinical guide made for students with tips and tricks on placement, and I'm hoping to make some placement support packs made too with some goodies! I'm also looking into coordinating some second-hand clinical uniform sales for our pockets and the environment ;)

My top tip is to figure out how to use the library services early on in first year and not 5 minutes before your final assignment is due ;)

My favourite thing about UCD is the campus and the people!

Something I'd like to see changed in UCD is for the health and counselling services to be available to UCD students even when they're not on campus (like on placement ....)

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