Campus is closed for classes, and so is our reception, but apart from that we are business as usual!

We have been working with the University over the last number of weeks to ensure that UCD can continue its work remotely, and your SU will continue delivering its service to you at a distance over the coming weeks.

For health and campus updates, follow this UCD website HERE, and check your emails for most up to date information about teaching, learning and assessment.

For support or if you need to speak to someone please get in touch with your Student Adviser. They are available to offer you information, support and advice.  You can find a list of Student Advisers HERE

We will be keeping in regular contact with University Management and will update you when we have any information going forward. 

Take care of yourself, stay in touch with us through our socials and stay safe! Wishing you a safe and healthy remainder of term and we hope to be shaking hands again soon!

Notice to All Students (including International Students)

📢 If you have been working part time and are experiencing a temporary lay-off or have had your hours of work reduced due to COVID-19, you are eligible to apply for the Emergency COVID-19 payment.

Just follow this link HERE for all the information on this payment and to find the application form. 

Have a question that you just can't seem to find the answer to? Check out these FAQ's that UCD have put together. 👇 
NB: They are frequently being updated so check back regularly. 


Here is a quick summary guide to what the new approach to assessment and grading in UCD during the COVID-19 crisis, following work between student activists, UCD and the Students’ Union.


This is not an exhaustive document, but it lays out the key bits of information about assessment and grading.


For additional information, you can email your module coordinator. 


What did that email from Prof Mark Rogers mean?

The Registrar emailed all students on the 17 th of April, acknowledging some of his former communications and outlining that the university had been working with the Students’ Union, in response to students’ and academics’ concerns related to assessment and grading during this
COVID-19 situation. 

There was a working group set up to deal with this, and it had student officers from the SU on it, to represent your voices. It discussed changes to Academic Regulations and the Grade Approval Process (GAP). This process happens every year once all assessments are graded, to ensure that the
outcomes are fair. This year, it will be very important that there are clear guidelines for the GAP.


The group based their work on the recognition that all students are studying under extenuating circumstances, so these should be automatically considered when checking grades for fairness. 

It was concluded that the best response would be to look at students individually and to take their past performance into consideration, in order to ensure that they receive fair grades for this term. To implement this response, the working group produced guidelines for staff on how to approach
grading this term. These guidelines set out procedures for module coordinators to follow when grading, and then for the grade approval process which happens at School and Program level. They also introduced some temporary changes to the academic regulations. 

I’m worried that due to this situation I can’t perform as well as normal in my exams/ assessments.
What’s going to happen? 

First of all – it is assumed now that all students are affected by the COVID-19 situation and that this can affect their ability to do their best. 

As a result, module coordinators have been asked to review their grading rubrics – making it easier to do well, in response to the situation. 

So, if you can do your best to focus on study and attempt all your assessments, you will do just as well as usual, or even better. 

Will my grade be affected this trimester? 

Module coordinators will have access to your past grades for up to 3 years. All grades will be reviewed during the grading process, because there is an assumption that everyone’s situation falls under extenuating circumstances. 


If your grade is lower, module coordinators will be able to align it according to your past performance.

If your grade is higher, module coordinators will award you a higher grade. 

I’m worried that my module coordinator will still mark me harshly. Are there safeguards against this?


The guidelines set out procedures for module coordinators AND for reviews at the school and program levels. This means that there will be three opportunities for groups of academics to review grades and ensure that no one is disadvantaged academically as a result of COVID-19. 

However, if you believe that an error was made in the assessment process, you may submit an Assessment Appeal.


You can find our more about the appeals process HERE or contact your Student Advisor or the Education Officer in the Students’ Union (

I can’t finish all my assessments in a module because I’m working a lot of extra hours on the front
line/ I’m caring for somebody at home/ I’m sick/ something is going on as a result of COVID-19.
A. Can I get an extension for coursework? Will I be penalised?

Yes, you can get an extension. Even if you were denied an extension earlier, you will be able to get it now. Email your module coordinator and request an extension, in order to have access to additional supports and to know by when you should submit your assessment.

If you submit coursework within 10 working days of the due date, due to COVID19 related issues, no grade penalty will apply. 

If you submit later than that, the module coordinator or school may accept the work where a valid explanation is provided, or the component may be graded as incomplete and you’ll be able to make up for it as a later date. 

The late-submission penalty relaxation doesn’t apply to assessment scheduled in the formal examination period. If you experience any difficulties that affect your ability to complete those assessments in the prescribed time, as a result of COVID19, make sure to contact your module coordinator.


B. Can I do the assessments next term? 

Yes, if you wish to attempt the assessment next term, you can apply for extenuating circumstances and request what’s known as an IX grade.

An IX grade means ‘Incomplete assessment as a result of Extenuating Circumstances’, and the remedy given is an opportunity to resit assessments at the Winter or Summer trimester the following year. 

This term, you will not need to provide supporting documentation to receive this support. Most schools are asking Students to write a brief statement on why they are requesting an IX grade and how Covid-19 has effected them personally. 

When you have an IX grade resit, there is NO fee to pay and there is NO grade penalty applied. In Extenuating Circumstances you can apply for an IX grade 5 work days after the end of the examining period which is May 23 rd. 


However, it is best that you consider all of your options and
speak to your Module Coordinator about the possibility of being awarded an IA grade or the feasibility of completing an in-module resit.  

C. Can I do a resit over the summer, so I can still progress/ graduate with my class?

We understand that Module Coordinators will make every effort, where possible, to facilitate resits so that you may progress.  

You must have completed all of your assessments before you can graduate. 

Two things can happen :


  • Your module coordinator will offer for you an in-module resit over a prescribed period during the summer. The deadline for doing it will be before the grade approval process finishes completely. This means that there will be time to grade your second attempt and include it on your transcript for this term, without causing a delay to your progression or graduation. There will be no financial or grade penalty. 



  • If you attempt the assessment, but your ability to do it well is affected by COVID-19, the School can decide to let you pass based on the grades you obtained in assessments before the lockdown and make those your final grade. 
    If there is no way to complete the assessment for the failed module, you will need to discuss with the School/College Office the options that are available to facilitate your progression.  

D. I have completed some other assessments in the module, but I can’t do the last one due to Covid-19 related issues– can I still progress/ graduate with my class? 

You must have completed all of your assessments before you can graduate. The School can decide to let you pass based on the grades you obtained in assessments before the lockdown and make those your final grade. 

I emailed my module coordinator and I haven’t heard back in the last few days? What can I do?

If it’s taking a few days to hear back from any member of staff, first of all, hang on another day or two. 

The current situation is affecting everybody’s ability to focus and do their work, and we’re all human. You never know if somebody is directly affected by COVID-19, or someone in their household might be sick, or otherwise. We need to have a degree of empathy and be patient. 


However, if this persists and you’re getting worried, you can reach out to the Head of School or the Education Officer in Students’ Union (, for assistance in getting an answer.

I’m stressed/ upset/ exhausted. Can UCD help me in any way?

Yes. There are a number of people you can reach out to for help. They include: