Well done on getting through the last semester and your exams! Getting your results can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. If you ever have any questions about your results or what to do next you can always send us an email or book a virtual meeting with a Sabbat here: In the meantime, this guide has been put together to answer the most common questions about exam results, appeals, repeats and GPA's. 

Results will be available on Friday 11 June 2021. You will receive an email at some point on the day containing a secure personalised link which will bring you directly to your results page. This is the only way in which you will be able to access your results on the day.  

  • If you think there is an error with the way your assessment was graded, reach out to the module coordinator and ask them to explain how they graded your assessment, errors can be flagged this way. You should also ask for feedback on the assessment. 

  • If you are going through anything at the moment that is affecting your ability to study, or something happens on the day of the exam put in an Extenuating circumstances application as soon as possible. 

If you still think there is an error in the grading process and your appeal falls under the two eligibility criteria then you can request to appeal the grade decision within 10 working days of your final result. You will be required to provide a personal statement as part of your application, explaining the grounds for appeal and providing evidence to support your case. If applicable, you may need to provide an original medical certificate.  

You can appeal your final grade on two grounds: 

1. Procedural Irregularity 

  • Evidence of an irregularity in the conduct of the assessment process. 

  • Improper conduct of assessment e.g., errors on the examination paper, unclear or misleading assessment instructions, or inappropriate assessment conditions. 

  • Deviation from published module assessment strategy and grading criteria. 

  • University regulations, policies and procedures were not adhered to. 

 2. Extenuating Circumstance 

  • If there were extenuating circumstances that your Programme Board was aware of but had rejected them because the application was late, and the Programme Board did not consider the reason the application was late to be valid. 

  • A prior circumstance emerged of which the Programme Board was not aware. 

For more information, visit  


You can register to the module again when it is next offered.  

How? Register through the repeats/resists/transfers tab of the online registration process on SISWEB. 

Cost: €230 per module 


If a repeat is not offered in the semester directly following you may have to take a resit.   
Register through the repeats/resists/transfers tab of the online registration process on SISWEB. To check whether your module offers a resit, use the course search facility on the UCD website to find your module and look at the “What Happens If I Fail” section of the module description. 

Cost: €180 per module 

Grades/GPA Values 

  • A+ 4.2 

  • A 4.0 

  • A- 3.8 

  • B+ 3.6 

  • B 3.4 

  • B- 3.2 

  • C+ 3.0 

  • C 2.8 

  • C- 2.6 

  • D+ 2.4 

  • D 2.2 

  • D- 2.0 

  • E 1.6* 

  • F 1.0 

  • G 0.4 

  • NG 0.0 

Modular Grades Explained: 

*Anything under a grade point average value of 2.0 is a failing grade. 

GPA Greater to or equal to 3.68 1st Class Honours (1:1) 

From 3.08 to 3.67 inclusive 2nd Class Honours, Grade 1 (2:1) 

From 2.48 to 3.07 inclusive 2nd Class Honours, Grade 2 (2:2) 

From 2.00 to 2.47 inclusive Pass 

A Semester GPA will be automatically calculated for you at the end of each semester for the modules taken in that semester. You can view a breakdown of your results if you click into the module SISWEB when viewing your results. This will provide you with a breakdown of the grade you scored in each assessment component of the module. 

Save or print your grades as soon as possible because they will disappear. 

Exam Supports Stand 

The Exam Support Stand will have free food, free drinks, free stationary and most importantly, advice. It will be run by Sabbatical Officers who will be on hand to help you with any academic or welfare questions you may have throughout the exam period. Drop down and have a chat and pick up some free goodies if you are on campus throughout the exam period. 

Where: SU Reception, Old Student Centre 

Dates: 6 April - 14 May 

When: Monday - Friday 

Time: 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm  


Virtual Exam Supports 

If you need advice about exams, extenuating circumstances, repeats, resists or any academic or welfare issue throughout the exam period, your SU are here to support you. You can book an online meeting with a Sabbatical Officer on 

Please note that our Education Officer will not be available for the remainder of the term but Conor, Ruairí and Carla are all trained and available to support you throughout this period.  

Study Spaces on Campus 

UCD have set up bookable study spaces you can use for your exam and for studying. Use this link for the Booking Page:   

You can currently book a space in: 

  • James Joyce Library   

  • Rendezvous 2  

  • Clinton Auditorium (1st Floor)  

  • L107 James Joyce Library Building  

  • Building 71  

  • UCD Student Centre  


More spaces will be added to the booking page in the run-up to exams.


Doing your exam at home? Plan the day before: 

  • Where you are going to set up for the period of the exam. 

  • Make sure to let your family or housemates know you have an exam, so they know not to disturb you. 

  • Test your Wi-Fi works from where you plan to set up. 

  • Ensure you have all the stationary you may need.  

  • Turn your phone off while taking your exam, so you don't have any unwanted distractions.  

Doing your exam on campus? Plan the following: 

  • What buses/trains will bring you in. Remember there is reduced capacity so leave plenty of time for travel.  

  • Book a study space well in advance as the slots book up fast. 

  • Ensure you are set up at your study space at least 30 minutes in advance of your exam beginning, to allow for any issues which may arise.  


Looking after yourself before, during and after exams 

Please remember that exams are not the be all end all and the SU is here to support you in any way we can. 

If you notice that you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a break. Breathe, eat, rest. 

You can reach out to the SU Welfare Officer, Ruairí, at any time for a chat or advice on  

Your Student Adviser can also support you through a personal or academic crisis. You can find your Student Adviser here:  



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