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Class Rep

Class Reps play a diverse and integral role in the Students’ Union; informing decisions on Union Policy, communicating and engaging with their peers, and representing those peers both at Union Council and meetings across the wider campus.

Community Rep

Community Reps will sign up to our volunteering programme and can volunteer for as many (or as few) events that they wish.

The role offers great flexibility – allowing the individual to volunteer only at events that they have the availability for / are interested in.

Campaign Coordinators

Are you passionate about social issues? Interested in being a student leader? Want to make change happen? Then you should run for a campaign coordinator position with the SU!  

Entertainments Forum

Are you interested in event management, organising gigs and great events for students, working with nightclubs and various venues around Dublin? Then The Entertainments Forum is for you!

RAG Committee

RAG stands for “Raise and Give” and is the Charity and Fundraising branch of the Students’ Union.

RAG Committee Members will meet with the RAG Officer and Entertainments Officer to discuss fundraising opportunities on campus, help plan RAG Week events and volunteer at charity and fundraising events on campus.

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