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As one of the top 1% of higher education institutions world-wide, we have a captive audience of 30,000+ future leaders and consumers. UCDSU offers a wide range of advertising opportunities throughout the year, to give your business unparalleled access to a global student market. Whether you want to promote your business at an event, use our online and print channels, or bring business on campus during term time, we have packages to suit you at competitive rates. As the UCDSU is not run for profit, all advertising and sponsorship income is reinvested into our services. These services include free contraception, financial aid, exam buses, and entertainment, making it money well spent!

Sponsor an Event
Connect face-to-face with our (less hairy) students

Sponsor an Event

UCDSU maintains an active entertainment calendar throughout the year. We run on average 4 events per week during the academic year, the biggest of which are the Freshers Ball and RAG Week events, which sell out around 1,500 capacity.

Our 4th Dominos Ball— a formal ball with a tasty twist

Advertise on Campus

We have developed our Students' Union to form the hub of students’ daily activities on Ireland’s largest campus. Located in the atrium of the Student Centre, we can give you access to this and other most-frequented areas to interact directly with the thousands of students on campus each day.   On-campus opportunities include:

Join our friendly faces in the Freshers tent

On-campus opportunities include:

• Pop-up stand:

We offer stands in the Student Centre (12,000 students walk through each day), and other campus hotspots.

• Digital screen advertising:

At peak times, 1,500 students per hour pass our screen outside the library, and 18,000 per week pass our library shop screen.

• Poster advertising:

We can place your posters in multiple key areas on campus.

• Freshers Tent stall:

Be the first to reach over 8,000 new students, as they walk through our Freshers Week welcome marquee.

• Welcome Pack Goodies:

We distribute 8,000 packs to incoming first year and international students, containing primarily tangible products including stationery, confectionary and toiletry products.

•Exam Bags:

During the 2 weeks of exams, 7-10,000 students walk through the RDS. They stop by our SU stall to relax and soothe their stress with samples from our goodie bags.

Advertise in SU Publications

Students rely on SU publications for their news, campus tips, and latest student discounts. You can reserve full, quarter, and half-page ad space in the following:

Winging it in UCD: our one-stop shop for all things cheap and handy

•University Newspaper:

In April 2016, our campus newspaper the University Observer won Student Newspaper of the Year. We print 3,400 copies of the Observer every 2-3 weeks, and distribute them throughout campus.

•Winging It College Guide:

We circulate this B5 publication to 10,000 students each year, to help them make the most of their college experience, as well as provide “pointers from 40 years of being on campus and being skint.” We also create seasonal publications throughout the year, with opportunities for ad space and sponsorship.

Advertise Online

Students are at the forefront of online media, and our electronic communication packages are designed to maximise your reach. Tell us what your message is, and we will get the word out!

Our homepage can link directly to you

• Social media posts:

Our SU Facebook page has a massive 22,000 likes, with an average daily reach of over 12,000 students. Likewise, our Ents Facebook page boasts of 19,000 likes, and our Twitter 8,500 followers. All of our sponsored Facebook posts include a boost.

• Web Site Box Advert:

Our UCDSU site is the first stop for students seeking information on SU events, campaigns, and services.

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Get your message out to students today — contact our Marketing Manager to create a package tailored to your needs.

Call Keleigh on (01) 716 3118 or email keleigh.drea@ucdsu.ie