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Become your class rep

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Next, you’ll need to hit the ground running (for class rep) and that means lecture addressing:

History in the making
El Presidente

o Let everyone in your class know you’re running

o Tell them why they should vote for you

o Make yourself known!

It also means standing out on social media— easiest way to start this is to post on your class Facebook page:

o Let everyone in your class know you’re running again!

o Tell them your ideas for the year

o Challenge other candidates (friendly banter only)

o Sexual persuasion and nude photos

o Use your talents; if you’re funny make it funny!



Winning a tight election can be pretty difficult. If you find yourself in a crowded field against other charming, ambitious young people, you’ll have to turn up the hype:

o Think of creative ways to make people interested

o Create a good buzz buzz buzz coming up to the elections

o Get people talking about you and make your name known!

Ways to do this involve attending events full of your classmates, getting involved with the societies that pertain to your class, showing everyone how much of a legend you are through the art form of dance, acting suave, sophisticated and mannerly.

Above all else, book the 2nd-4th October off work! If elected, you’ll be invited to the Class Rep Training weekend. You’ll learn a lot this weekend especially as regards big events & campaigns for the year. So book it off— always expect the best & prepare for the best in life.

Remember to have your completed form in the box before 5pm on Sept 27th! Oh, and good luck!