My Name is Carla Gummerson, I am 32 and I am currently studying a Master of Public Policy. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2019, it was in Social Science studying Social Policy and Sociology. During my undergraduate degree I was a peer mentor for two years allowing me to make the lives of first year students that bit easier.

I have been the auditor of the Mature Students Society for two years. Being the auditor I was able to help out in many roles, from ordinary member to treasurer giving me knowledge in diverse areas of the society.


I feel I have always been an advocate for the student body. I was the student voice on various committees such as the Widening Participation group in 2017.

Outside of college I like to volunteer, I collect clothes for homeless individuals and give them to homeless charities. I volunteered for The Solas Project in the inner city, I worked with children from low socioeconomic areas, these are just two of the volunteering  and internship opportunities I have had the pleasure of doing.


Hi, I'm Carla and I am

your Graduate Officer

My first objective and main objective is to carry on the good work that Conor has done previously. Some of that work includes navigating with the Anti- Casualisation campaign to reach their goals. This campaign has the full backing of myself. I feel that these students contribute hugely to the UCD community and are not paid or supported adequately. Frankly, the University would be lost without these individuals and to short-change them the way they have is unacceptable on many levels

I think more relevant workshops for postgraduate students is needed, one example of these students are master students who are only here for one year, most ill be looking for employment when they are done, supports are needed.  This will be done in collaboration with the Career Development centre







 Another aspect of Conors work I would like to elaborate on, is the relationship building between Smurfit, Belfield, and the Union. Conor has built up fantastic networks between students, but I personally think it can go further. The Smurfit coffee mornings are a great resource for that campus and I think these could be replicated in Belfield. I will also continue to have events down in the Smurfit campus, they have been very successful this year. I will be utilising what is already in place the rep system is one of those tools. Class representatives are hugely important in linking everyone together

I would like to create an accessible platform for internal and external funding opportunities for incoming postgraduate students, this can be established through the Union’s media platforms

I want the PHD Conference fund capacity increased from 20—35