Anderson Paak
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His live set lived up to all of my expectations! His energy got the entire room jumping and his voice sounded even better than in his recordings, I was loving it. Then, half way through his set, he came down from his drum kit and started joking with some guys in the front row. I was standing just behind them, and I must have had pure love and joy emanating from my face because he noticed me, and asked the lads to step aside. I AM NOT KIDDING. He put his hand out for me and began to sing a song called 'Straightjacket', about a girl he loved who didn't love him back. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, his voice was incredible and the song lasted for ages. Definitely the best concert moment ever. 


After the gig, all of the musicians who played came out to meet fans outside the venue. I got a cuddle and one of his drumsticks, which of course I have kept. Since then, Anderson Paak has absolutely blown up and produced even more amazing music. I highly recommend it, especially if your mood dips during self isolation. And I definitely need to go to another one of his gigs, once it's safe to do so!

Aside from student activism, I've always enjoyed small gigs and getting to chat to the artists after them. One of these concerts was particularly memorable for me, back in 2014. 


I was 17 and this was a Watsky concert in the Academy, which I went to with a friend from school. That night, the two opening acts were absolutely incredible. First was the Lafontaines, who to this day are one of my favourite bands. The second was a guy called Anderson Paak, who I knew from some of his earlier music as Breezy Lovejoy. I had heard that Anderson liked to serenade girls at his gigs, so of course a part of me fantasised that I might be that girl at the gig, as impossible as that was. Well...