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Myndgard, an early-stage mental health start-up, and Trinity College Dublin are working

together on a trial study to track emotions and how they change over time. Our goal

is to use these results to improve the way mental health professionals treat

depression by developing new ways to detect it earlier. We are currently recruiting

Irish university students for a paid (25€) study. Participants are eligible to take

part in the study if they are currently enrolled as a student (any type, i.e.,

undergraduate or postgraduate.

In this study, participants will be asked to:

1. Complete a consent form + baseline assessment

2. Download the ‘Ethica Data’ app

3. Rate their mood six times per days for 2-weeks

4. Answer 2 weekly mental health questionnaires

5. Complete a final assessment

The six daily assessments are short and should not take more than 1-2 minutes

each. As part of the study participants are also asked to provide their location and

physical activity data through the Ethica Data app. At the end of the study,

participants will also be invited to provide feedback regarding their experience.

Participants will be paid 25€ if they have completed at least 75% of possible


If you are interested in participating, the link to the consent form can be found here:

After completing the consent form and answering some baseline questionnaires, you

will be provided a link to download the Ethica Data app. There you will be able to find

more detailed information regarding the study schedule.

Please contact: Dr Edel Daly:
MOBILE 0868526O9O

Part - Time // Paid Study Participation // Myndgard

Part - Time // Paid Study Participation // Myndgard

13 Dec 2022