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Marc Matouc

Marc Matouc

Graduate Officer

Collective Coalitional Action

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Name: Marc Matouc
Age: 23
Course and Year of Study: Geopolitics and the Global Economy
Running for: Graduate Officer

About myself: This is my first time at UCD I did my undergrad in Liberal Arts Honors at American College Dublin. I’ve always looked up to the place and I enjoy socializing and all the societies the place has to offer. I suppose I’m an extrovert but I can be half and half too. Love all kinds of music but especially soultronic, boiler room tv, (Kaytranada) Lo-fi house (Ross From Friends). I like Elvis Presley sang one of his songs at karaoke in clubhouse.

Why have I put myself forward: I want to be more involved in university life. I felt like I could’ve had more of a university experience in my undergrad and I‘d like to see what I can do for my uni as well as get a proper experience here post-covid. I also think that albeit the great stuff that’s offered here, the vibes (obviously from covid) have been kind of passi ive and a little underwhelming at times. I’d like to see more of a buzz to college which I think I can do in my proposed position.

Loves of UCD: The potential, the facilities, the variety of communities, people, diversity of culture, thought etc, the social life.

Biggest problem: underwhelming vibes at the current time, passive non-engaging atmosphere which covid has damaged a lot, less buzzy as I remember from when I graduated secondary school (2017) from what I saw.

Music on repeat: Based on Spotify: Mac Demarco, Elvis Presley, Aphex Twin, Kaytranada, Kings Of Leon, Hall and Oates, Childish Gambino, Men I Trust, ASAP ROCKY. I’d hope my playlist would win me votes.

Joke: I want to dedicate this campaign to my Dad...he used to be a roofer, so Dad if you’re up there, thanks