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Molly Greenough

Molly Greenough


Your vote. Your voice. Your Union.

Name: Molly Greenough
Age: 22
Course and Year of Study: Welfare Officer, Law with Social Justice grad
Running for: President

• tell us a bit about yourself

I’m from just outside of Boston and have been roaming around UCD since 2017. I’m interested in politics, particularly issues related to housing, mental health, drug decriminalisation, and gender based violence. Shamelessly a fan of Bridgerton, shamefully a fan of the Twilight franchise. Go-to pint would be a Guinness.

• why have you put yourself forward for election?

I believe in the power of a Union, the power of students when we band together. I also know that there’s a lot of work to be done; it’ll be a monumental task to rebuild students’ faith in UCDSU in the wake of a legitimacy crisis, but I believe I’m the best person for the task. I’m experienced, passionate, and committed to leaving UCD (and the SU) better than I found it.

• What’s the things you love the most about UCD?

Really corny, but the people I’ve met here. Whether through my course, the SU, or Snowsports, I’ve met some really fantastic people that have made such a positive impact on my life and overall college experience. Pi breakfasts and The Clubhouse rank fairly high, too.

• What’s your biggest problem with UCD?

The commercialisation of the University. I’ve seen firsthand how damaging it is when UCD Management continues to prioritise profit over the interests of their own student body. 400 students joined together and demanded better in February, yet we were met with deafening silence. It’s disheartening at best, infuriating at worst. They’re just so out of touch with the issues their students are facing on a daily basis.

• What music have you got stuck on repeat? Would your playlist win or lose you votes?

My recent anthem has been Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger.’ I’m biased, but I think it’s a bit of a bop and has gotten me through the election season(s). I’d be partial to a bit of indie, rap, or house music. To be completely honest, I shuffle all my liked songs on Spotify. I think that could definitely lose me some votes.

•The world is a mental place at the moment and we could all use a laugh. Heard any good jokes recently?
Apologies in advance (I’m a big fan of dad jokes), but why did the sun skip college? It already has a million degrees!!