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Mind, Body and Soul


  • Free Yoga, Lau Gar and Touch Rugby
  • Jazz Soc to Perform


UCD Students’ Union is delighted to announce the arrival of a brand new festival to the grounds of UCD.


Mind, Body and Soul is a 3 day Cultural, Arts & Wellbeing Festival being held on campus in University College Dublin in September 2014. The event draws influence from popular arts & cultural events held in Ireland every summer and aims to provide an alternative type of entertainment and interaction whilst being an outlet for information on the various welfare & health initiatives UCD has to offer. Activities will range from live music, informative talks, art exhibitions, fitness classes, puppy cuddling along with a silent disco & outdoor cinema. This will be coupled with sampling of some of Dublin's finest produce & services

to create a friendly & enjoyable atmosphere at a completely FREE & non-alcoholic event.


Maeve DeSay, the UCDSU Welfare and Equality Officer stated:


‘I’m massively excited to get this project off the ground. Working with the team since we came into office we have put in massive hours to make this festival work. With events as diverse as graffiti walls, puppy cuddling and African Drums we’ve ensured there’s something for everyone.


A key component of the festival is the food stands that are coming in on day three. Featuring some of Dublin’s’ up and coming food vendors and restaurants the taste buds will be tingling like never before! 


Maeve DeSay continued:


The mental health aspect of the festival is also a massive part of the festival. Coming from Please Talk last year and having dealt with students over the summer students’ mental health is a huge priority of mine. To this end we are bringing in a number of mental health organisations to campus who will be there to talk to students about looking after themselves and being able to know  how to spot the warning signs amongs their friends.’


Feargal Hynes, President of the Union said:


‘This Festival is unique across the campuses of Ireland. Non-alcoholic and focusing on the health, wellbeing and culture of students it reflects a growing trend where students are looking after themselves and look to alternative options when they are looking for a good time.’


The Festival which runs from the 23rd to the 25th of September is free for all students and staff who wish to come along.