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The Students’ Union have 8 openings
for campaign co-ordinators.

If you believe in people-powered change, take a leading role in making things better for students at a national and UCD level.

Nominations are open until April 23rd 2018 for the following positions:

1. LGBTQ+ Co-ordinator

Promote and defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students by campaigning to change any law, policy or toxic culture which infringes on those rights.

2. Gender Equality Co-ordinator

Fight for equality of representation, opportunity and rights by campaigning to repeal the 8th, abolish the gender pay gap and canvass women for election. 

3. Environmental Co-ordinator

Lead the way in making UCD a greener campus by advertising carpooling, bringing better recycling facilities to Belfield and lobbying Dublin Bikes to come out here!

4. Disability Rights Co-ordinator

Responsible for ensuringUCD is wheelchair accessible as well as all events run by the Students’ Union. Work with us, ALL & UCD Societies to promote disability rights.

5. International Students Co-ordinator

Represent international students on university committees like the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group. Also help diversify UCD Ents & food options in the Shops to include Halal. 

6. Mature Students Co-ordinator

Organise regular open meetings at each residence (eg. Belgrove, Glenomena, Merville) and be the voice for students living on campus, working in conjunction with RAs and other staff.

7. Residences Co-ordinator

Address the unmet needsof mature students in UCD, especially in relation to the difficulties of going back into education and in relation to facilities like breast-feeding rooms and the créche. 

8. Mental Health Co-ordinator

Promote positive mental and publicise student support services, working in conjunction with student advisors and peer mentors. There is also a small budget for training for this role.


Any UCD student can run for these positions if they get the form completed and signed by the last SU Council on April 23rd 2018. To be nominated, you must return the completed form including signaturesto the Union Returning Officer. There will be an opportunity to submit forms during registration immediately prior to the last SU Council on April 10th but also at the call for nominations for each position during that Council meeting. Only class reps, Sabbatical Officers and campaign co-ordinators from thisyear may nominate or second a nomination.

To apply, fill this out & submit it to the SU Returning Officer

Application deadline & Voting takes place on:

Monday April 23 6pm at SU Council in Fitzgerald Chamber

Download application form now



If you believe in people-powered change, take a leading role in making things better for students at a national and UCD level.

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