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UCD Fashion Show Applications

UCD Fashion Show Committee Positions:

Assistant Producer:
Assists the Producer in managing the different production processes of the show. This includes liaising with all areas of the committee to ensure the show is brought from the planning stages to fruition. Also expected to be heavily involved in the production of the show, from technical aspects to styling preparation and everything in between.

Creative Director:
The person who co-ordinates all the looks for the show, comes up with major theme suggestions, makes sure the show’s design matches the theme and ensures all models, clothes, make-up artists and creative staff are where they're supposed to be on the 2 nights of the show.

Marketing& Communications Director:
This person will work closely with the producer and Sponsorship Director in helping with sponsorship for the show. They will also help develop marketing strategies to help sell the show to the public. Lastly they manages the show’s Social Media accounts day to day, ensuring constant, relevant material is generated.

Sponsorship Director:
Sponsorship funding turns a good production into an amazing production. The Sponsorship Director  works closely with the Treasurerto achieve as much sponsorship for the show as possible. The role also works with the Marketing Director and manage the sale of ads for the show’s programme.

Stage Manager (x2):
The Stage Managers will work closely with the Production Manager & Creative Director to design and build the stage for the show. This person will be required to call the show/maintain the pace of the show by managing the stage crew to ensure each set runs smoothly/on time.

Model Liaison Officer:
The Model Liaison Officeris the link between the committee and the models. You act as a friendly ear that the models can speak in to about their concerns or if they need guidance, and you act on behalf of the committee insofar as making sure the models know what is expected of them and that all models deliver a professional and enjoyable performance.

Head Stylist:
The main liaison with the creative director, the Head Stylistwill head up styling the individual sections and ensure that all the styling for each section is correct. Tasks include: shop visits under the directive of the Creative Director and pick the clothes used for each section, final checks on both nights to ensure that make-up, hair and clothes are in line with the desired theme.

Young Designer Director:
The Young Designer Director provides the successful applicant with a huge opportunity to develop their own section using Dublin based talent. The YD Director will act as the stylist for the competing young designers.Duties includeidentifying designers to submit pieces to the show, choosing desired models,making sure that each model's make-up for your section matches the directive and ensuring that the clothes are kept in perfect condition and away from prying eyes until the nights of the show.

Treasurer / Front of House

The Treasurer takes control of the day to day budgeting of the show, as well as liaising with models over ticket sales, managing ticket distribution and managing the funds which will be later donated to the charity. The right applicant should be highly organised and have the ability to budget properly.


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