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Winning it in UCD

Thinking of running for Executive Elections this year but just not quite sure where to start?

Not to worry as we’ve put together a handy guide on the do’s, don’ts and definitely do not’s of running your campaign. Jammed full of essentials, the Winning It in UCD guide covers everything from building the perfect campaign team to putting together a manifesto for the masses.

This is your fool proof guide to SU elections.


Your Union has a proud history spanning over 40 years. People who have led the Students’ Union down through the years have also led change in UCD and Ireland. Our past accomplishments include helping build the campus crèche, the bus stops, the pharmacy, a court case to provide information on reproductive healthcare, a movement for over-the-counter condoms and mobilising thousands of students to vote for marriage equality in 2015.



We’re not done yet though, theirs still lots to do and we need you. So download the Winning It in UCD guide now and get the ball rolling. We’ll see you at the polls!


Nominations will close at 5pm on Monday 26th February 2018 and those interested in running for office can pick up an Executive Elections Nomination Form from the SU reception or

Email further questions to:


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Winning it in UCD

How to get ahead and win the UCDSU executive elections 2018/19