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A final message from your Campaigns and Engagement Officer

Hey everyone,

For my final few days as your Campaigns & Engagement Officer I’ll be working on leaving behind a whole lot of handover and recommendations for the union going forward. While UCD Students’ Union genuinely does a lot of phenomenal work, there’s a lot we can improve on too.

I want to recognise the outstanding commitment of the Class Reps and all the part-time officers this year. The people are the Union. I hope you feel that and that you have felt that you can shape and change the direction of the Union this year.

It’s been a privilege to be able to ‘work’ supporting people and friends (and people I wanted to be friends with. Text me back pls 😪), and pushing for a better university and a better society. I’m immensely proud of some of the things we’ve achieved over the last two years, but definitely ready for a break from the absolute chaos. I’ve met some of my closest friends through being a Union rep and the insightful, compassionate, sound people I’ve met along the way will be my memory of the union.

I’m currently looking for jobs (check out my LinkedIn 😉 - srsly pls do) and applying to some social sciences masters in UCD, so we’ll see where that takes me!

Katie x

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