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Campaign: Harm reduction saves lives

Updated: Jan 20

As students return to college, UCDSU launches a harm reduction campaign. What do abstinence-only sex education and drug education have in common? They don't work. It's always safest not to take drugs, but proper education and investment in harm reduction services reduce the risks insofar as possible.

Our stance on harm reduction and drug use is shaped by our Union Council. UCDSU is mandated to lobby for the decriminalisation of recreational drug use and the legalisation of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. As well, we are mandated to support the UCD Chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

UCDSU neither condemns nor condones drug use, but we are acutely aware that while in college, many students will experiment and try drugs. We want you to be as safe as possible, so stay tuned over the course of the next few weeks as we roll out our harm reduction information campaign #startlowgoslow #harmreductionsaveslives