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Campaigns and Engagement Officer - End of Year Report

This year has been a strange one for campaigns. We were ready to start our protests and other actions from the get go, but instead we have been stuck at home. This year may have felt like a standstill, but we did a lot together! I decided to put together a list of all the campaigns we worked on.

- Black Lives Matter

- Trans HealthCare

- Renters Rights

- Paying students on the frontline

- Bodily autonomy and abortion rights

- Environmental Justice

- Stop CETA

- Dolores Cahill

- Fee reduction and freezes

- Covid safety re UCD

- Sexual Health and Consent

- End Direct Provision

- The Great Donate

(and more)

Although most of us were stuck at home, we made our voices heard and got tangible results. Hopefully, next year, we can go out into the streets again and come together for change. But I hope this year showed you the power and impact you can have, and all from your bedroom!

In Pride,