COVID-19 Update Health & Counselling FAQs

Úna has updated UCD’s Health and Counselling FAQ’s to be more student friendly. Check them out below!

Will the UCD Student Health Service still be available to me?

In line with Public Health and Government advice, the UCD Student Health Service is closed for normal services. There is currently no walk-in service available. If you are unwell or have a scheduled appointment, you should call the health service on 01 716 3134 and you will be advised on how to proceed.

Before contacting Student Health Services with a query, please log in to your SISweb account and make sure that your registration profile has the correct address including eircode (if known) and Irish mobile number.

Routine prescriptions and follow up appointments (e.g. contraception, pre-existing conditions and mental health reviews) will be facilitated as much as is possible by telephone consultation. If you require the prescription to be sent to your local pharmacy, please have the fax number or healthmail account and contact details of the pharmacy at the ready.

We advise that you ring your local pharmacy to ensure that your prescription can be filled as well.

What are the opening hours for Student Health Services?

 Monday to Friday: 9am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4.30pm

If you have concerns regarding Covid-19, please feel free to call the service during opening hours and a nurse or doctor will phone you back and advise the next steps.

All students should be prepared to answer some extensive screening questions. Please keep your phone on and be ready to receive a call back from the medical or nursing staff.

I am concerned that I may have Covid-19. What should I do?

If you have fever, chills, cough or shortness of breath, you need to call your own GP or Student Health Service who will conduct a telephone consultation with you to decide if testing is indicated.

While waiting to speak to the nurse or doctor you should: 

  • Self isolate, stay away from other people

  • Take paracetamol for fever or pain.

  • Have your mobile close by and charged and also your Eircode (if known) to hand as this will help the Covid-19 testing service, to contact you easily if required.

Additional information regarding the Covid-19 virus is available on the HSE website. If you have any concerns around Covid-19 and are well please look at the Health Protection Surveillance website for information or contact the HSE public advice line 1850 241850.

Please note that this line is extremely busy. 

I am feeling unwell and the Student Health Service is closed. Where can I get advice?

These are the contact details of the out of hours services that are available to you for emergency or medical care. Please note there are charges for these services: 

  • EastDoc Telephone Number: (01) 221 4021

  • Doctor on Duty Telephone Number: (01) 420 0880. Opening hours 24/7

 If you require advice regarding general health advice, please check out the HSE Under-the-Weather webpage HERE.

The new student HealthMatters App is also a useful source of reliable information for the student population. It is available to download on Android and iPhone.

I have been in contact with the Student Health Service and have been told that a test for Covid-19 has been ordered, when will the test be done?

There is currently a waiting time of approximately four to five days for a test. There is a backlog so please be patient and your turn will come. We cannot speed up the testing so please do not call the Student Health Service to request this.

I have had a test done yesterday but have not had the result, when will I hear about the result?

The test results can take four to five days to come back. You will be informed as soon as the result is back. While you are waiting for the test result you need to remain in isolation, take paracetamol for fever or pain and ensure that you drink plenty of fluids.

I have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and I am at home in self isolation. My symptoms have worsened and I am having difficulty breathing, what should I do? 

If you are having difficulty breathing, please call the Student Health Service at (01) 716 3134.

Out of hours please call EastDoc (01) 221 4021 or Doctor on Duty (01) 420 0880.

In case of emergency:

  • Off campus, contact emergency services on 999 or 112.

  • On campus emergency call 7999.

I have been diagnosed with Covid-19, where can I get more information?

You can get updated information on Covid 19 at the HPSC website HERE.


I am self-isolating on campus after receiving medical advice - where can I get help and support with shopping etc?

The University is supporting students who are in self-isolation in the Residences. Please contact the UCD Residence team on (01) 716 1037. The Residences team will deal with any queries and requirements. You can also get pastoral support from your chaplains.

I am in self-isolation and I am feeling very upset, what can I do?

Student support services remain available to students.

Student Advisers can be contacted by email and Zoom calls will be set up for individual consultations if necessary.

The UCD Student Counselling Services are available to students in the following ways: 

  • Telephone support to students currently attending counselling at UCD

  • Telephone consultations with staff who support students 

  • Providing useful information about self-care and coping on UCD student counselling webpage and student life app. 

  • CBT self-help tool SilverCloud

ls the UCD Student Counselling Service still available to me?

Yes, the UCD Student Counselling Service seeks to actively assist you despite restrictions imposed on us by the Coronavirus (Covid 19) pandemic. While we can no longer provide face to face counselling, we understand students may be anxious at this time.

The Counselling Service is offering phone consultations to UCD students who feel they may benefit from psychological support at this time.

This service will operate from 10am-12:00pm and 2pm – 3.30pm Monday to Friday, subject to review as the current situation evolves. 

How do I get in contact with the Counselling Service?

If you would like to schedule phone support with a student counsellor, please email to for more details. 

Please be advised that this is not a crisis support line and you should use existing emergency services in your local area if you require immediate assistance.

What happens if I have an upcoming scheduled appointment with a counsellor at UCD? 

We can no longer offer face to face counselling. If you would like your counsellor to phone you, send an email to

If your counsellor is not available we will let you know, and we can arrange for another counsellor from the team to phone you if you wish.

Please note the student counselling email address is checked daily, morning and afternoon, and is not monitored outside of those periods. It is not advisable that you email about an emergency or if you are at risk of harm.

What happens if I am currently attending counselling with a counselling partner off campus?

All of our partnered counselling services are making plans to maintain their support, you should check with the counselling service you are attending to ascertain how the counselling service will be delivered during this time.

What if I need help now as I or someone I know is at risk of suicide or self-harm?

You should make contact immediately with one of the following:

  • Your General Practitioner

  • Accident and Emergency Department of your nearest hospital

  • Call 999/112 

Are there any other services available to me outside of the UCD Counselling Service? 

 The following services may be of assistance: 

The University’s free CBT self-help tool SilverCloud is helping students deal with emotions such as anxiety and stress at this time. 
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