COVID-19 Update Welfare FAQ’s on On-Campus Accommodation

Hi, it’s Úna here to take you through some of the most pressing Welfare questions students have asked since the outbreak of Covid-19. The majority of requests for information surround on campus accommodation and they are all listed below.

If you have any welfare related questions, email me on 

Will campus residences be open? 

Residences will remain open. Front of House will remain open along with Campus Services and the Duty Manager system. A reduced number of SRAs and RAs will be present and will be supplemented by additional staff. If you have concerns regarding your on-campus accommodation, you can contact

What will I do if my agreement runs out?

Agreements will be extended should you be unable to return to your normal place of residence at the end of your current agreement.

Can I stay in the same room?

You may be asked to move rooms in order to facilitate the best management of the residences. 

Can I give up my rental agreement?

If you wish to give up your rental agreement, you will be allowed to do so. You can download a cancellation form here.

What will happen to my personal belongings?

You must  remove all personal belongings before you leave. If you are unable to return to UCD, you should request that your belongings be placed in storage or disposed of. The University cannot ship belongings, but will store until the COVID-19 national response ends.

Am I eligible for a refund?

If you are a current UCD student, resident on-campus and your fees are up to date, you should be eligible to complete the cancellation form and have a potential refund calculated for you.

How much will my refund be?

This will depend on:

  • Your current residence

  • Whether your fees are up to date

  • The date you physically leave your residence - the rebate is based on a pro rata daily rate of the licence fee surrendered

Will I still get my housing deposit back?

The security deposit refunds will be calculated as per end-of-year procedures when outstanding additional cleaning, maintenance and lock-out fees are applied.  Any balances due will then be refunded.

How do I cancel my accommodation?

You must complete a cancellation form - the revised current version is available here - and submit to email address and

Is there a deadline to cancel to avail of the rebate?

The rebate is NOT retrospective. And do note that, arithmetically, should you remain in your accommodation within 7 days of the end of your licence period, there will be no rebate due.

What if I’m in quarantine and can’t get to my accommodation to clear out my belongings?

Please complete a cancellation form and inform immediately of your situation so your checked-out date can be recorded.  You can then request to have your belongings packed and stored, or disposed of.

How long can my belongings be held in storage?

This will depend on the evolving situation regarding the Covid-19 guidelines and associated healthcare measures required. Students will be given as much notice as is practicably possible regarding timelines for stored items.

If I need to extend my license after the end of the current agreement as I am unable to return home how much will it cost?

The rate will be based on a pro rata basis based of the daily rate of the residence you have been located / relocated to. 

If I stay until the end of the current agreement and I am relocated will I have to pay a different rate?

No, you have already paid your last instalment.  If a relocation is required the intention is to move you to en-suite accommodation so you will either get similar accommodation or an upgrade.

I had already left with all my belongings and cancelled my accommodation with a form before the President's email.  Will my refund be back dated?

No, the refund will be applied as though you had both formally cancelled or checked out will be from 7 days after the date of the President's email.

I left as the University closed but still have belongings in the room.  I am now going to cancel when does the refund apply from?

The refund will apply from 7 days after the date you have both sent in the cancellation form and/or the date you removed all your belongings. Whichever is the latest date

I live off-campus and my landlord has asked me to move out. I am unable to travel home. Who can assist me?

Students who are well and living in rented accommodation off campus who face housing problems because of COVID-19, eg if a landlord requires the property, may now apply for on-campus accommodation.  These students should contact

If I am advised to self-isolate by the HSE, what will I do?

Inform and you will be moved to specific housing where you will be supported by the University.

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