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Crossover Training

**Crossover Training**

By Molly Greenough

Welfare Officer

While this week marks the official start of our new sabbatical team’s journey, we have been busy at work over the past two weeks— learning about ourselves, each other and how we can best represent, empower and advocate for students.

On our very first day of training, we laid out a calendar of the entire year, week by week, and began to plan how we’d incorporate our shared visions, manifesto promises and mandates into the academic year. It was a bit surreal to see the next 12 months of our lives laid out on the floor of the Red Room, but exciting to finally have the chance to chat about our future plans, events, collaborations and larger campaigns.

We also completed a wide variety of training courses over the past two weeks, including: Responding to Students in Distress, ‘DRCC Sexual Assault Disclosure, Child Protection, Lobbying and How to Effect Change. We were also introduced to the Student Adviser team, received presentations and advice from the outgoing sabbatical officers, and introduced to the various boards and committees we sit on. Of course, some team bonding took place with the sabbatical officers and the rest of the full-time staff. While our shared visions for the union were aligned, it was great to see how well everyone got on at a personal level, too. After only two weeks, it’s clear that the friendships we’ve already formed will serve us well as we continue developing our working relationships and learning from each other.

It’s an interesting year, as three of the sabbatical officers (Ruairí, Carla and Sarah) already have a year’s worth of experience under their belts and have proven to be incredibly valuable assets to the rest of us newcomers, and certainly helped reduce the shared learning curve. Their experience will undoubtedly help us all hit the ground running and start fighting on larger student issues right away.

We will continue our training throughout the course of the summer as we gear up for September, but it’s shaping up to be a fantastic year.