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Eco Communities in UCD

I’m in awe at how open people in UCD have been to me since I stepped foot in here last September. I now have my first year down (albeit a bit differently than I imagined) and I’ve been Environmental Campaigns Coordinator with the Union. 

Thanks to the Union and all of the passionate students here in UCD, I’ve been part of so many communities and I’ve had so many opportunities this year. 

As part of the Eco UCD team, I’ve been running campaigns, events, protests, debating, saving waste, promoting biodiversity, talking all things environmental justice and supporting student led campaigns all year! Check out Fossil Free UCD and UCD Veg Campaign for inspiring student-created content.

On the Clothes Swaps Team, we’ve been talking fast fashion, protesting and showing alternatives. Our monthly swaps are a well loved event on campus where we chat, swap clothes and reject the fast fashion industry!

Our Zero Waste Fest team was gearing up for a two-day celebration of waste free living and alternatives to overconsumption during Green Week.

We’ve all been adapting over the last while - UCD Green Week became Virtual Green Week, UCD Clothes Swaps are talking alternatives online and we’re doing our best to keep you all updated and part of our communities!

It’s a very hard time for communities at the minute. All of our plans have been changed or cancelled. Across the board we’re adapting and trying as best we can.

Maybe your community is people you sit beside in UCD cinema, maybe they’re people you train with at the gym or maybe they’re a few mates you get coffee with after that one lecture. Whatever your community, whoever is involved, reach out to them!

We’re all stronger together!!

Stay safe, Niamh

THIS is what else has been happening....

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