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Get Involved! Vacant Class Rep Seats


The main cycle of UCDSU elections takes place at the start of the first semester. In October students elected 145 Class Reps to represent and campaign on behalf of their peers. But there are still vacant seats - if you’re interested in becoming a Class Rep in any of our vacancies, read on to find out more about the process involved in holding a by-election.

So what do I have to do?

The first step is to advertise the vacant Class Rep seats to other members of your constituency, and make sure they know that they can request a by-election to be held. Any student can submit a request to open nominations by completing the ‘By-Election Request Form’:

When a minimum of 10 members have completed this form for a particular constituency, the Returning Office will declare nominations open in that constituency. Once they have done this, you can submit your nomination via the ‘By-Election Nomination Form’:

NOTE: In order to nominate yourself in a by-election, you must supply a list of at least 5 members of your constituency who support your nomination. You must list their names, student numbers, and UCD Connect email addresses. If the information you provide is incorrect the Returning Office will not be able to confirm your nomination.

If you have any questions please email