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Join the Library Campaign!

Are you frustrated with the current library opening hours? Would you like to see pre-Covid library hours reinstated?

Did you know that UCD Library has had its funding cut by management despite having a budget surplus this year? If you would like to help us resolve this with UCD management and to have library funding and hours reinstated, we are asking you to send the following email to the UCD President and Registrar. Just copy and paste the email template below and send it off from your ucdconnect email account.


Title: Please Reinstate Pre-Covid Library Hours

Content: Dear Prof. Deeks and Prof. Rogers,

I am a current student at UCD. I am contacting you regarding the constraints on the library opening hours.

I am asking the University Management Team to:

1. Immediately restore library hours throughout the COVID period to encompass weekend opening hours by providing funds to hire additional temporary staff.

2. Make a clear funding commitment that will enable library hours to be reinstated to pre-Covid levels when classes resume as normal.

At present, I am being personally affected by the current opening hours. Not every student has access