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Letter to Prof. Rogers in Response to Plans to Reopen Campus

Dear Prof. Rogers,

I hope you're keeping well. Thank you for taking the time to meet yesterday morning, I appreciate you finding time to listen to the Union's concerns and plans for the year.

I'm contacting you in relation to the email that was sent out to all students yesterday about the reopening of campus. We have since been made aware of a number of concerns from students and staff members about the proportion of classes that will be taking place on campus, particularly from students with disabilities and underlying health conditions. No specific guidance was offered to vulnerable students/staff in yesterday's email, and many students are at a loss as to where they should seek further information. I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to these queries as soon as possible.

To what extent were trade unions consulted when the reopening plan was considered? Which members of staff had been made aware of the reopening plans prior to the email being sent out yesterday?

What public health advice has led UMT to determine that 40-60% of lectures (undergraduate) will be able to take place on campus and 75% to 100% for graduate students? What level of engagement has the Dept. of Health had in the drafting of the reopening plan?

What provisions will be made for immunocompromised staff and students when campus reopens? As mentioned in yesterday's email, hybrid learning will be made available for students who cannot attend lectures in person. Can you please clarify what that will mean in a practical sense for students and staff with underlying health conditions?

To what extent have individual colleges and schools indicated that they will be able to cater for 40-60% of classes to be delivered in person? Have any schools stated that they will not be able to adhere to this proportion?

Are there any estimations for how many students are to be expected to be physically present on campus per day?

We would greatly appreciate any additional details about the reopening plan that we can relay to concerned students and members of staff.