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Michael Byrne Remembrance- 'Old Man Belfield'

UCDSU shops had a special relationship with Michael Byrne, affectionately known as 'Old Man Belfield' on UCD Campus.

Every person in the UCD community has their own memory of him. The loss of Michael during the lockdown, when we were all away from campus, is part of a bigger loss that came about during that time.

With the help of Claire Nolan, Administrator in UCD School of Information and Communications, a timeless portrait & memorial plaque has been installed just outside the UCDSU Library shop, in his memory.

There's now the chance to feel not just the loss of him, but to recognise all of our losses, both individual and shared ones, as we begin the return to a vibrant campus, in anticipation of the 2022-2023 academic year.

*The artist who created this depiction of Michael is Francis O'Toole: