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Next phase of UCDSU Elections to take place

Following confirmation of the Union's election results, UCDSU can confirm that the next phase of voting will take place between Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 April 2022. Nominations will remain open until 5PM on Sunday 10 April. Candidates can collect signatures digitally via the forms available at

Noting the unprecedented nature of the outcome of the elections, UCDSU stresses that this set of results is just a snapshot in time and that the only way to respect the outcome of the vote is for the student body to focus on setting an agenda for the years to come, starting with the next phase of elections that will take place on April 20 & 21. Full details of the polling scheme will be issued shortly.

UCDSU President Ruairí Power commented: “The membership had its say and that is that it wants to discuss in more detail both where this Union should be headed and who it is that should be leading it there. That’s exactly what’s going to happen over the course of the next few weeks. A sizable ‘RON’ vote leaves us all with a lot to reflect upon. Democracy can throw up unpleasant surprises every now and again but the remedy to this needs to be more democracy, not less of it. This union has a vital role to play in ensuring a quality education and student experience for its members. UCD students need a strong team to represent their interests on and off campus and our focus is 100% on ensuring that the next phase of elections produces this.

We also cannot ignore that this election has taken place amidst a backdrop of misinformation. We will seek to ensure over the coming two weeks that the record is set straight so candidates are judged based on their manifesto and record as opposed to factors beyond their control.”


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