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Request for Residences Information from SU Welfare Officer

Dear Residences (Finance Department),

I have a few questions about the rates for campus accommodation I was hoping you’d be able to answer. Aishling Kennedy-Dalton advised me that the finance team might be best placed to respond to the following queries.

The dates for the 2020/21 license period aren’t on the residences website, and I was wondering how they’ll be impacted by the delayed release of the CAO results.

What is the planned official start dates for opening residences in Trimester One and closure in Trimester Two and Three?

What date can international students check in to quarantine prior to term starting and has this date been affected by the delayed CAO results?

According to the Res website the rate for two trimesters in 2019/20 in Belgrove (for example) was €7514, and in 2020/21 will be €7392.

Is this information still up to date in light of the CAO delay?

The price sheet info displayed on the website for 2019-20 PDF. Which were the correct figures for prices charged last year?

How many weeks was the license period for a two-trimester lease in 2019, and how many will it be in 2020?

What is the start date before which the first rental instalment must be paid?

Do you have the rates that were planned in 2019/20 for each of the residences versus what was actually charged that year when the pro rata refund was applied?

Will the planned rent increase of 4% be applied this year? If so, at which date will it come into effect.

Have Residences received advice as to the legality of charging the 4% increase in general in light of legislative restrictions and by which date the increase can legally by charged?

How will the booking process be impacted by the rent freeze applied until the 1st of August (if at all) and the legislation promised for after this date by the Minister for Housing, Darragh O’Brien TD?

In the draft legislation for beyond August 1st, it is unclear as of yet whether students who are in continued receipt of the Pandemic Unemployment Payment will still be covered by the rent freeze going forward.

What have UCD planned? If the 4% increase is applied in September, will the students on the PUP be charged a lesser amount than students not in receipt?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,