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The fight for bodily autonomy and reproductive justice is universal, From Dublin to DC

Our solidarity with all of those who may be impacted by reports on the overturning of Roe v Wade in the U.S.

We firmly believe that access to abortion remain should be free, safe, legal and local.

Students played a key role in the fight for reproductive rights in 2018 when we #repealedthe8th.

While the right to an abortion is under threat in the U.S., the Irish Government plans to approve a deal which gives control of the new National Maternity Hospital to a subsidiary company of the Religious Sisters of Charity.

It is unconscionable that the state cannot guarantee access to essential reproductive healthcare in our new National Maternity Hospital.

Nobody should be barred from availing of IVF, abortion, contraceptives, or sterilisation in a public hospital due to religious interference.

It is unknown what conditions the Vatican will attach to this company and what the legal framework this deal is based on.

Two members of the HSE board (Prof. Deirdre Madden and Dr. Sarah McLoughlin) dissented from the proposal due to significant concerns on the proposed governance of the hospital.

Please contact your local Government TD and ask them to put the brakes on this decision -