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The main points on EDUCATION in Budget 2019

Press Statement

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The main points on EDUCATION in Budget 2019:

  • €10.8 billion to the Department of Education and Skills. This is an increase of 6.7% or €675 million

  • 3,500 extra undergraduate courses will be funded next year

  • 15,000 new places in Higher Education and Further Education

  • €300m Human Capital Initiative for Higher Education (level 6-8) for 2020-2024

Stephen Crosby, UCD Students’ Union Education Officer said;

‘Education institutions are currently at a crossroads. With a deficit in public funding, Universities and Institutes of Technology are looking to external sources of revenue in order to keep themselves afloat and to develop their infrastructure. The Cassells Report, published in 2016, called for 600 million Euro in public spending by 2021 in order to facilitate an effective higher education sector. The commitment of 300 million Euro by the government in Budget 2019 fails to reach this basic goal. The facilitation of a fully publicly funded higher education sector is vital for the development of an educated workforce, the promotion of social mobility and ensuring Ireland's economy remains competitive at a global level.’